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Are You Being Poisoned? The Fibro Hope Messenger #15 June 14, 2006
June 14, 2006

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Recover from Fibromyalgia

Are You Being Poisoned?

I have a fibromyalgia client who mentioned to me that she has this sense that she is full of poison. I think her intuition may be right on!

This can be one of the keys to your fibromyalgia and to your recovery. The personal care products you use, the cleaning products you try, the air pollution you breathe, the chemicals you drink: all of these are literally bombarding your body with foreign toxins from every direction, all the time.

These chemicals do not go away. They don’t biodegrade. They just accumulate.

You know that pollution in the air goes into our lungs, right? Well, every time you are using a cleaning product that smells very strongly you are breathing those fumes (chemicals) into your lungs. And what happens when you breathe something into your lungs? It gets pulled into your bloodstream the same way inhaling a cigarette will transfer nicotine into your bloodstream.

I’m sure you are aware of how a person's skin absorbs the nicotine from a patch. Many more drugs are being administered this way, aren’t they? This is because anything that touches your skin is going to be absorbed into your body at some level, whether it’s the laundry detergent and dryer sheets you are using or the make-up and lotion you apply. Any toxins that touch your skin will be absorbed into your body, effectively putting a strain on your immune system, to get rid of these toxins.

There’s an online movie that is called Toxic Brew It is an investigative report in Canada about cleaning products. Pass this information along because people assume that cleaning products have been tested and people believe that they are safe. This is not the case!

Another resource is the Environmental Working Group or At their site, you can look up your personal care products and find out their level of safety or toxicity.

What happens if your immune system is fighting off toxins all the time? It can’t put attention to fighting off other things like viruses.

What happens if all of your nutrients go to help the immune system fight off toxins? There are no nutrients left to build healthy cells.

The fluids you drink, your dish and laundry soap, your make-up and shampoo, even your lotions and candles. These are just a few examples of sources where toxins could be poisoning your body.

So, please, look at choosing healthier cleaning and personal care products. Do you know where to find safer cleaning and personal care products? Do you have to give up quality in order to have safer cleaning and personal care products? Do you have to make a special trip to the store?

No. I use cleaning products that are very effective, while none of the smells from them bother me. They are also shipped directly to my door and are so concentrated that they save me money, too.

One of the products I use doesn’t even need a child safety cap on it, because it is so non-toxic. This cleaner that I use for almost everything was named the first Earth Day product , so it’s safe for our children in more ways than one. You can even wash your hair or take a bath in this cleaner, as it is pH balanced, too. I recommend the original Basic H, if you plan to use for bathing, on a regular basis.

Search for a 'Get Clean Starter Kit' at the link above, if you find, through your research, that your current cleaning or personal products do not support your health and in fact add to the toxins your body must defend against, thus preventing your all-important healing.

That's all for now. May you find the answers you are looking for and the health you deserve.



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