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A Plan for Recovery--The Fibro Hope Messenger-January 18, 2007
January 18, 2007

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Recover from Fibromyalgia


Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! You didn't hear from me in December as I figured I would take my own advice and not stress out by adding more for myself to do. Plus, all I could think of for a topic was stress, and that's what I wrote about in November.

Anyway, now the topics are starting to come to me, after a nice break. I just read a terrific article about a doctor who uses the Weed and Feed philosophy with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

The first part of the article defines all three illnesses. Rather depressing, since now I know that I've had all three! (I still deal with the chemical sensitivities a little, but they've gotten better since adding my last supplement. Email me if you're dealing with this, too.)

Then, it goes on to tell how a woman, Dr. Alison C. Bested, MD, FRCP, used the Weed and Feed philosophy for treating these illnesses. It is so similar to what I do that I guess I need a catchier name than 8 Proven Strategies for Living Free of Fibromyalgia. Ha Ha.

The philosophy is to first take out all the bad habits that are not supporting health, and put back in the good ones that do support your health. This means clean food, pure water, and getting more exercise. She also talked about the right drugs. I propose that you take the right supplements instead. Then, if that doesn't do the job, you can resort to drugs if needed.

And you can check out my 12-week teleclass series beginning February 7, 2007. This is the program I've designed that takes you much farther than the Weed and Feed philosophy.

In my 12-week series, we all meet by phone at the designated time each week. The subject ranges from getting toxins out, to practicing self-care without guilt, lowering stress levels to seeking your passion and purpose in life. I also throw in some classes on Energy Sappers, your Gremlin, Intuition, and Visualization.

There are so many things you can do to sabotage or support your health. The doctors can't cure you, but you can cure yourself--and I can help you in that process.

Sign up for my free teleclass on January 30th, and you'll get a preview of how my coaching can help you take the baby steps necessary to recover from fibromyalgia--and all your chronic illnesses. In this class, I help you come up with your personal plan of action to improve your health that you can begin to implement right away.

Coaching is a newer area, but believe me, everyone understands, after just one session, how valuable coaching can be in their lives. Join me so you can experience the clarity and resolve you can achieve with my coaching program.

It is a New Year. Isn't time you keep your resolution to TAKE ACTION against your fibromyalgia? I've had many people contact me since the first of the year, and I can sense that they've finally become fed up with their symptoms, and they are ready for a change. Are you ready, too?

Talk to you soon,

Anita Murray

Professional Health Coach
Nutritional Consultant
Founding Editor/Owner of

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