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A New You, The Fibro Hope Messenger, February, 14, 2008
February 14, 2008

Dedicated to Helping You
Recover from Fibromyalgia

A New You


How's it going? Whether you said terrible or terrific, do you realize how much responsibility you have in your current state of affairs?

Side note: There is kind of a mishmash of content in this newsletter, so be sure to read all the way down so you can benefit from the subjects of higher consciousness, chronic illness, and weight loss in this issue--in that order.

There are some of you who play the role of the victim and it is difficult to realize you are doing this while you are in it. If you say things like:

*everything bad always happens to me

*nothing goes well for me

*someone or something is the reason I'm miserable

*things will be better when this or that happens

--these are all signs that you are playing the victim role.

I used to play this role myself. But I made a conscious decision that I would not let fibro get me down. You, too, can make this decision.

There are others of you who have taken charge of your health and made great strides in feeling better. I applaud you. You are on the right path. It takes many strategies together, often with 2 steps forward and one step back, but you will be able to regain your health.

When a person thinks negatively, like "Why does everything happen to me," he or she tends to fulfill that destiny of everything bad happening to them. When a person thinks positively, they tend to bring that about, too. But take a step beyond positive thinking (I didn't know there was one!) and you will bring yourself to a new way of Being. This leads me to my newest venture.

I'd love it if you would join me for Oprah's first ever online course based upon the book, "A New Earth, Awakening Your Life's Purpose." The author and Oprah are teaching the book chapter by chapter. It is only $8-$14 for the book and the online class is free.

I'm on chapter 4 (you need to read through the book once before class starts March 3rd) and the insights into my own behavior and that of other people and even whole nations is amazing from this book.

Here's the deal: you may or may not be ready for the transformation that could take place from reading this book and participating in this class--and either way, that's OK.

If you're not ready for it (and that just means nothing new will happen to you) then working with me may be even more important for you, as I can bring you to the place where you are ready for this.

If you are ready, and you may be moving in this direction already and the book and class will just accelerate your journey, then you will be forever grateful for the insights that you will find.

Would you like to start our own discussion group for this book though my conference phone line? Anyone with me? I only have room for 100 people on the call, but your own long distance charges will be your only fee. We'll be starting our own book club by phone.

You can buy the book at here:

A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Sign up here for my discussion group here (I will require a minimum amount of people to hold the group):


I look forward to growing in this experience with you!

Next, an e-book that came across my desk this month is by a woman named Laura Bruno, who has suffered from a severe brain injury and is now a coach like myself. Her book is reviewed here:

Read the review I think you will find the insights in this e-book valuable for healing. She does not want you to learn to live with your disease, nor does she want you to get back to a functional level of living. Laura wants you to know that you can be better than ever after a chronic illness. She is truly inspiring, as the doctors gave her little hope of being whole again. I'm sure many of you can relate to that, huh?

To check out her book that helps you look at your illness as a blessing--along with many tips for recovery, Click Here!

Or copy and paste this link:

Lastly, many of you have asked me about weight loss. I have a couple of programs for losing weight, depending upon your needs:

The first takes some planning and changing the way you eat, but is also a very healthy way to eat when you have fibro. You can learn all about how to Burn Your Fat and Feed Your Muscle in this extensive e-book. Learn More Here!.

This is the program I've been following lately. As I was already healthy when I started and already taking supplements, I had no problems with this weightloss/muscle building program.

You may find you need some nutritional help in addition to this program, in order to heal your muscles so you can use your muscles. Think how nice it would be to feel the good muscle soreness after a workout instead of the chronic muscle pain you have now!

You may also copy and paste this link into your browser to access the e-book and learn how to Burn Your Fat and Feed Your Muscle:

The second plan for losing weight is built upon the same concept of keeping muscle and losing fat, but takes out the planning and guesswork by providing breakfast, lunch, and snacks while you only need prepare one meal each day, with guidelines for making a healthy meal with the right amounts of protein and carbs to further your weight loss.

Great for fibro fog, as much of this weight loss program is a no-brainer. You can find more information here at the Cinch-Inch Loss Plan if you have highspeed internet.

Or copy and paste this link: , if you have dialup.

There are a ton of people having success with each program. Bottom line is you need to take action. Nothing will change if what you are doing doesn't change.

Email me if you need help deciding which direction is the best for you. I also offere private coaching with either weight management program to help you devise a plan targeted to your exact needs and lifestyle, with accountability to stick to your resolve, and suggestions for making the rest of your life easy maintanence instead of constant struggle.

All for now.

Happy Valentines' Day!



Anita Murray

Fibromyalgia Health Coach
Nutritional Consultant

Fibromyalgia Hope, LLC
N3486 Guenther Rd.
Waupun, WI 53963

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