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Stomach problems--and more--gone forever, The Fibro Hope Messenger, April, 9, 2008
April 09, 2008

Dedicated to Helping You
Recover from Fibromyalgia

Stomach problems--and more--
gone forever,
easily and quickly


I am so excited to tell you about a new diet as in 'way of eating' that I've discovered. I know a lot of my readers have stomach problems. And even if you don't think you do, you'll benefit from this newsletter, greatly.

You see, I'm pretty healthy--I don't have a lot of issues, but there are lingering health issues that I'm trying to solve just like I solved my fibro pain years ago. This is the way I work with you, is to take a piece of the puzzle at a time and figure out what your keys to feeling better are.

I'm always trying to cut down on the amount of supplements that I take (cause my husband gets on my case!) but I was never able to feel good while cutting back on the quality supplements that I consume.

Plus, I've been trying to lose the 25 pounds that I gained after quitting smoking 3 years ago. I've been 'dieting' for the last 2.5 years. I had lost 12 pounds on the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program I told you about in January, gained back a couple, and couldn't seem to get any lower than that. I just couldn't get past the cravings. I was tired of 'healthy food'. The donuts were calling me.

Side note: I understand that cravings are your body crying out for nutrients. But I wasn't listening most of the time. I would sometimes take supplements when I was craving, and they would go away, but that did not seem to be lasting long enough for me this time around.

I was getting frustrated with not being able to lose weight. After all, I'm a Health Coach, right? I even have a coach myself and it wasn't happening--at least not enough for me. I seemed to be at a plateau that I could not pass. Heck, I started looking at psychological reasons that I was self-sabotaging. I came up with plenty, which sucks, too.

Another thing that has been bothering me lately is brain fog. I'm sure you can relate to this! You can tell I've had it because I never even got March's newsletter out to you. I wrote a short rough draft, but that's as far as it went. I've taken a supplement for brain fog in the past, but have not purchased any lately. Again, trying to save money. (I'll finish that newsletter for you sometime, as it has a great book recommendation.)

But first, I've found what I think may be the last link in solving my health problems (there's a few other little things I deal with that are trivial, but still, signs of less than optimal health) but this could be the solution to much more than that for you! And I dare you to try it.

When you sign up at this website , you will receive an email with a link to a free report called Pain-Free in 1 Day. She's talking about stomach pain relieved in 1 day. Read the beginning of the report to explain why this diet works. Skip ahead to the menu plan and recipes if you just want to get started.

Try this for 4 days, without cheating, and see how you feel. This is the easiest diet to stick to ever! You are eating normal foods--just at different times and in different combinations than are typically consumed.

Here's my experience:

At first, I wasn't even going to try this diet. You may be thinking the same thing, but keep reading. . .

The Great Taste No Pain diet talks about stomach problems, gas, acid reflux. I didn't have any of these issues. But I do still suffer from constipation and take an herbal laxative regularly. So I thought, maybe I'll try it.

Then, I started to receive emails about Alzheimer's being improved by this diet. And others about Chrohn's disease and ADHD. The stories got more and more amazing. I started wondering about Fibromyalgia and this Diet. When they talked about weightloss and keeping it off I just had to try it.

The first time I tried it, I did not go grocery shopping, so I did breakfast and lunch, but failed to follow the diet at dinner. Even so, I could sense that my body was detoxing between meals--just after the first and second meals. Kinda cool.

The next time I tried it, again, I didn't plan ahead and failed after eating a good breakfast. Oops.

OK, now to my successful try:

1)I looked over the recipes and menu options in the free report.

2)I decided what I wanted to try eating for the next 4 days.

3)I did a little stocking up at the grocery store from a list.

And it was not a huge grocery shopping bill. Mostly the normal foods that I already buy. Just a few things that were not on my usual shopping list. Some I could not find at my little, local, small-town grocery store, so I just skipped them.

I started the diet and the first day I have to admit that I was pretty hungry between meals. All meals need to be at least 3 hours apart, so I was determined and stuck with it. Part of what helped is the knowledge that my body needed those 3 hours to digest and empty the stomach, before adding more. Tip: Drink water to tide yourself over until the next meal.

Day 2, I was feeling a little sluggish, like I wanted to rest on the couch. Not the profound fatigue of yesteryears, but dragging some. When I pushed through it, I was fine to continue on my day. Again, it felt like I was detoxing--just a little, slowly. Not the type of detoxing where you feel like total crap.

But something else was happening: my stomach felt flat, my cravings were gone, I was feeling a true hunger after 3 hours of not eating, not the craving hunger. I had not realized how different these two types of hunger feel.

I had basically forgotten what true hunger in the pit of my stomach feels like. I'm sure you can relate to the craving hunger where you cannot wait 10 minutes, let alone hours, to eat. That type of hunger sucks. But true hunger is not unpleasant. And it is not difficult to wait even a couple more hours to eat with this type of hunger.

Ya know how you eat and an hour or two later you are grazing, nibbling on more food? That is gone on this diet. And you are not deprived of any food groups on this diet. Twinkies are not really allowed, but you won't crave the twinkies anymore, either. Honest!

On Day 3, I had a slight headache and knew I was detoxing more, as I rarely get headaches. By slight, I mean that I hardly noticed it in the background during my day.

By the fourth day, I was still feeling slightly worn down, but not enough to stop me. I was also feeling my back start to loosen up. Didn't know it was tight, but when it loosens up, you really feel the difference.

On the morning of day 5, I reached my lowest weight since I had started dieting almost 3 years ago--in only 4 days, I broke the plateau that had been driving me nuts. Now, I'm looking forward to swimsuit season. I just know I'm going to get back to my normal weight, easily.

I mean, I've been eating seconds and thirds at many meals (I've skipped a number of snacks as I plan to eat sooner than spanning another 3 hours). So I feel very satisfied until the next meal. (I exercise at least 5 days/week.)

Now, as I'm writing this newsletter, I've been on this diet for 10 days. Twice I've gone hunting for food in the kitchen, since I started this newsletter. See, when I'm anxious, I eat. When I'm bored, I eat. When I'm tired, I eat. When I'm upset, I eat. It is a wonder I am not 300 lbs. and I can understand how people get there.

Writing my newsletter has always sent me eating, as I am trying so hard to get my points across to you so that you will take the steps necessary to get well. I want so much to help each and every one of you to feel good again, so you can enjoy life and fulfill your destiny.

But today, even though I was looking for that comfort food, I didn't eat any. I did decide to make a pot of coffee, since it was 10 a.m. and I had not had any coffee today. Bad me, coffee instead of water. I'm not perfect.

Last week I did pass up doughnuts at my second job (The truth: I drive school bus every afternoon to pay off my business debt, so I can continue to help you) and it is very rare for me to pass up doughnuts. But I didn't need the temporary boost. They were not appealing. I feel so good without them. I can understand if you find it hard to believe. I would not have believed this, if I had not experienced it myself.

This is what I want you to feel. So good! Now, only 10 days in, with a couple of cheats during this time (mac-n-cheese the other night was one) my thinking has really cleared up again. Without supplements, which is so amazing to me.

Yes, I'll still take a few supplements. That's insurance that all my needs are covered. But this diet allows for better digestion and better absorption of nutrients. This is why the cravings go away. Your body is getting the nutrients it needs. This is why your other ailments start to heal.

I'm just now feeling like my constipation is getting over. Still think it is normalizing some as I had diarrhea yesterday. (I hate that word--I have to look it up every time--no spell check for my newsletters!)

Anyway, please please please just try it for 4 days. You will feel the difference and be hooked, too. You will digest better, deliver nutrients better, sleep better (so important to your recovery) and you will start to feel better. I have a client who started last week and after 4 days, her pain levels, which had become unbearable, were cut in half.

That's what you're looking for right? Join me on this journey and try it--no matter what your ailments are, this will help you. I don't recommend too many things, considering how many are presented to me. This is one that you can do--and stick to easily--for the rest of your life.

Sign up for the free report at Great Taste No Pain . Enjoy the testimonials and info you receive from Sherry. They have blown me away. I literally have to change my website, my e-course, and the whole process by which I help people like you, with this information. You are going to love how you feel, as you heal.

Sincerely with Love,


P.S. I'm starting all my clients on this diet, so if you want to work with me to begin healing, start now--this is your first step and it is fr*ee.

Anita Murray

Fibromyalgia Health Coach
Nutritional Consultant

Fibromyalgia Hope, LLC
N3486 Guenther Rd.
Waupun, WI 53963

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