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Syndrome X-Home Body Health Newsletter, April 9, 2005, Issue #006
April 09, 2005

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Home Body Health Newsletter Issue #006, April 9, 2005

Ok, everyone, here I go again. I'm changing the subject of this newsletter. I'm waiting for some more info on heart health, so I'll be writing about that at a later date.

I just received this new info that relates to heart health and I can't wait to fill you in. This is cutting-edge information, some of which will be published in a new book coming out next month.

The topic this month is Metabolic Syndrome X.

In This Issue:

1) What is Syndrome X and who has it?

2) How does Syndrome X develop in the body?

3) What can be done to reverse Syndrome X?

Syndrome X is actually called Metabolic Syndrome X. This was discovered 10 years ago, but scientists have been looking for this for 100 years.

What does it mean? Metabolic has to do with metabolism, the way our body uses energy. Syndrome means many diseases involved. X means "we don't know". So it's basically a bunch of diseases that relate to your metabolism that scientists don't know enough about. The cause of Syndrome X is now being discovered and determined.

In Syndrome X, the blood has high levels of sugar, but unlike diabetes, there's lots of insulin to process the sugar, but the sugar (food) is not getting in the cells to provide energy. You are tired.

A sign of having this Syndrome X would be a person who needs to eat sugar, carbs, and caffeine to keep going throughout the day. You get an energy boost, which falls in an hour, then you need another boost and another boost throughout the day.

Syndrome X is only found in industrialized countries and cities. It started when white flour and sugar came along with the industrial revolution in the 1800's. It got much worse when companies started using fructose to sweeten foods. Yes, fructose is a fruit sugar that I thought was natural. It is 20 times sweeter than glucose (sugar). Your body can't handle all this sugar.

In the lecture that I was just at last Wednesday, it was estimated that 99% of women have Syndrome X. That seems incredible to me, but even if it is less, it definitely affects a lot of us.

So, what's happening in the body with this Syndrome X? Let's say you eat an apple. Your body only absorbs 20% of the sugar contained in that apple. The same goes for corn on the cob. Bananas are higher at 40%. Watermelon is 10%. Eating these whole foods does not produce a huge amount of sugar (carbs) for your body to deal with. The body makes a little insulin to go with the glucose which then goes into the liver. Then the glucose (energy) is sent to the cells along with insulin, which helps the sugar (energy) get into the cell.

Now, let's look at what happens when you eat white flour, sugar, or fructose (high fructose corn syrup, like the sugar in soft drinks).

Side Note: Most all bread available is based on 'white flour'. Even wheat bread is made from 'white flour'. Bread made from flour that has been truly stone ground the old fashioned way is the only time you get away from 'white flour'. Stone ground flour will spoil in a week whereas processed flour will keep for years. That's why the industrialized societies changed to processed flour, but it has hurt our health. And the adverse effects are getting worse with each generation, as we'll see later in this newsletter.

When your stomach sees flour or sugar coming, it tells the pancreas to make lots of insulin to deal with the large amounts of glucose from white flour (or sugar or fructose). This huge amount of sugar (because 100% is able to be absorbed) goes into the liver, which monitors all food. The liver tastes the blood and decides that it is too sweet, so it turns the sugar into fat, which then goes into the bloodstream.

This fat is the triglycerides in your blood. It is sugar converted to fat. White blood cells then gobble up this fat (because there's too much of it) and stores it in your belly, hips, everywhere.

This fat, along with a second type produced (which cannot be broken down, the body can't burn it), will also cover and coat a cell. This covering of fat over the outside of a cell prevents food/glucose from getting into the cell to provide energy.

So, our cells aren't getting enough energy and we have to eat more sweets to give us a quick boost, causing the pancreas to secrete more insulin. I think this constant secreting of insulin is what wears out the pancreas and gives people the tendency to get Type II Diabetes.

It's estimated that 70-90% of people have high triglycerides. This high blood sugar, turned into high fat by the liver, causes 70% of modern diseases.

Fat in the arteries leads to Strokes and Heart Disease. Fatty deposits on the brain can lead to Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and Multiple Sclerosis. DNA damage can lead to auto-immune diseases while unchecked cell growth in the body can lead to Cancer.

When the liver breaks down fructose, VLDL is produced. This is Very Low Density Lipoprotein. This converts to Palmetic Acid (not sure of the spelling), which goes inside the cell. Scientists do no yet know how it gets into the cell.

But when Palmetic Acid is in the cell it then converts to Salimide (again, oral lecture, not sure of spelling). This Salimide goes into the DNA and attacks it, causing a mutation. These mutations can make a person prone to a type of cancer. They can also be the source of auto-immune diseases where the body attacks it's own cells because it doesn't recognize them, due to the DNA damage.

These mutations also get passed on to our kids. This is how we inherit diseases. This is why our children's health is not going to be as good as was our parent's health, unless we change our ways and teach our children how to live healthier lives.

So, basically, sugar converted to fat is damaging the genes in our DNA.

It will take 2-3 generations of improved attention to health and nutrition to fully correct damaged genes, but it is possible.

The information coming out in a book in May of 2005 states that Cancer is related to sugar and white flour intake. The liver secretes Insulin Growth Factor 1 or IGF1. I may not have this totally correct, but as I understand it, sugar and white flour inhibit the liver's ability to produce Anti-IGF1. This allows the IGF1 to promote cell growth, without being checked (stopped) by the anti-IGF1. This is cutting-edge reseach.

What do we do to prevent and treat Syndrome X?

Eating less fat is not the answer. You need healthy fats in your diet. It's the sugar you are eating that is being turned into dangerous fat.

First of all, a high protein diet is good, but too much animal protein is hard on your pancreas and will give you too much acid in your stomach. It's also hard on your kidneys. 9-12 Tablespoon of Soy Protein a day with some wild game, range-fed meat, and raw nuts will provide your protein needs in a healthy way.

Besides protein, you will need fruits and vegetables (possibly fiber supplementation), water, plus olive oil, fish oil or flax seed oil. You must also control your stress and limit the toxins you take in. This means purified water and clean air are important factors that contribute to your health. Toxic or negative relationships don't help either.

Look at making your diet consist of protein (primarily vegetable protein) along with fruits and vegetables. Sprouted beans and seeds plus raw nuts and honey round out your very best diet choices. Yes, it's hard to eat this way all of the time. Aim for just replacing sweets with fruit--as much fruit as you want--for starters and see how your health improves. Cut out soft drinks, processed food, and any bread not made from whole grains, which are stone ground. Also eliminate anything sweetened with fructose.

There is a product for detoxifying the liver that is very important and can be a major help for those of us with Syndrome X. I have taken this in the past and felt better while taking it, so I'm going back to it. Here's a list of what this product can do for you: Stimulate liver rejuvenation, kill Hepititis C, get rid of LDL (bad cholesterol), eliminate excess water in the body, relieve constipation, lower blood pressure, decrease endometriosis, inhibit carcinogens, convert fructose back to glucose, lower cholesterol, plus act as an anti-inflammatory. You can find this product here. Syndrome X will block your arteries. Using new testing machines, scientists found 100% of people tested from age 40 to age 70 had some blockage in their arteries.

So, we all need to cut down on sugar and white flour, but what do we do about the clogged arteries and damaged DNA that we already have?

For clogged arteries, it's important to consume lots of fiber, supplement your diet with a program that covers your basics needs including natural Vitamin E in a formula with a variety (mixed) tocopherols, and supply healthy oils to reduce the sludge in our arteries. Pre- and pro-biotics, when taken with soy protein, have also been proven to lower cholesterol by 23%. There is also a natural product for lowering cholesterol which is more effective than Lipitor, without the side-effects. And of course, we all need exercise to get that blood flowing and nutrients moving. Easier said than done, I know.

You can correct the damage to genes with mega-vitamin therapy. In the future, we will have tests to give us an exact quantity of each nutrient that we need. Right now we have to guess at quantities and use the nutrients that we know affect the integrity of our DNA. It takes large amounts of Beta Carotene, Bioflavinoids, Vit. C, and Vit. E to correct one gene.

Finally, I have some exciting news. I've just signed up for a course to become a Certified Professional Health Coach, so that I can better help you to meet your health goals. I'll fill you in more next time!

That's all for now. . .

I'd be happy to help you. Email me.

Until next time. . .


Anita Murray

P.S. This newsletter was created in 2005 and edited in 2017 to fix broken links.

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