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Caution: Cleaning May Be Hazardous To Your Health-The Fibro Hope Messenger-April 21, 2007
April 23, 2007

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Caution: Cleaning May Be Hazardous To Your Health!

I received an interesting e-mail the other day. Itís about a mother of four who has gone through stages in the cleaning products sheís used in her home.

When she had her first baby, she chose cleaning products with a lot of thought and tried to use earth-friendly ingredients and recipes she found online.

After a second baby, she wanted more convenience so she bought some of the green cleaners she found at health food stores. This was expensive, so over time she just had to use the chemicals from the cleaning aisles that she found in the grocery store.

Finally, after the last baby, she needed maximum convenience and minimum price so she started using those anti-bacterial wipes that are supposed to be getting all the germs cleaned up. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Unfortunately, she found out she was doing more harm than good after viewing the movie that Iíve recommended before called Toxic Brew. You can view it online at (Just enter the site on the tab at the left. You'll find the movie on the next page.)

After watching this movie, she realized what kind of stuff she was bringing into her home. A month or so later she heard about the work of Dr. Doris Rapp who researches the effects of harmful chemicals on childrenís health. Her book at Amazon is called, ďIs this your Childís World?Ē. In studies, Dr. Rapp tested the effects of bleach on a six year oldís handwriting.

The woman in this story did the same test on her own children. She had them write their name while sitting at the table. She then used bleach wipes to clean the table. After the table was dry so that they could put the paper back on it, she had the children write their name a second time.

The results were amazing. They wrote their names dramatically different. On some the letters were too small to read. One of them even wrote letters backwards and upsidedown, which they had never done before. Another child couldnít focus on the task of writing his name until prompted further. All of them wrote messier.

Then, she had her own children go into another room where she didnít have the fumes from the anti-bacterial wipes she was using. They all wrote their names very clearly, very neatly, very well.

These chemicals are not helping any of you who have compromised health problems like Fibromyalgia. Part of getting well is getting the toxins out of your life.

You have to be able to find products that are not going to give your body more to fight off. When your body has to fight off chemicals, itís not going to be able to put effort toward healing.

Another story about cleaners, a man had terrible eczema on his body and was never able to get rid of it. Guess what it turned out to be. It was that the dishwasher detergent that they used in their in their dishwasher that was causing the eczema. They switched (to the brand in the Kit that follows) and his eczema cleared up within two weeks.

So hereís my little plug: the company that I use, recommend and sell was featured on Oprah for Earth Day last Friday. This was pretty exciting for me. Oprah is one of my mentors.

Iíve been using these safe, yet effective, cleaners for over 15 years. And I save money using them. You can start saving money and having a healthier home, too.

You can change over one product at a time or get 33% off a Get Clean Starter Kit from Shaklee for a limited time at 1-800-225-0600. You will also receive free membership to Shaklee, a $19.95 value, which gives you 15% off all Shaklee products. They will ask you if you wish to be contacted by a Shaklee representative. Tell them yes, you would like me, Anita Murray as your distributor (see more benefits to choosing me below). My Shaklee ID is BK41002.

*As my customer, you will receive a free Nutritional Assessment, so this is a terrific time to get healthy.

*During the 4th week of every month, I will hold a free Questions and Answer Session by phone. Come with questions, or just listen in and learn from other people's questions. I have a wealth of knowledge that can shorten your learning curve to feeling better again.

Please, look into Shaklee's cleaners for your own health and for your familyís health. Take action to feel better today.

**Here's an important update: Iíve developed a new One Year Group Coaching Program so that you can make positive changes in your health through education and additional coaching to keep you accountable to developing healthier habits. Group coaching has a dynamic that makes a community out of the group, so you will find more support. When I coach in a group, I can make my services more affordable to you. Mothers Day is coming up. Become a better mother by putting your own health first. Check out my 1 Year Group Coaching Program.

Talk to you soon,

Anita Murray

Professional Health Coach
Nutritional Consultant
Founding Editor/Owner of

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