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After submitting your full name and email address in your chosen time slot, please look for an email from me to verify that it was really you who signed up for this class. Confirm your interest and you will receive the Teleclass Call-in Instructions by email.

Sorry--no classes scheduled at this time. Imagine this scenario. . . it's one year from today and you decided to skip this free teleclass. You are still waking up feeling more tired than you went to bed. Your body is so stiff you can hardly move, while your constant pain continues to suck more energy from you throughout the day. Along with all of this, you can't understand why you are unable to think clearly or make decisions like you used to.

Wouldn't it be nice to uncover your personal plan for relief from your pain, find strategies to get a good night's sleep, and start enjoying life again? Your health is up to you. There is no magic pill. Don't be fooled by all of those so-called fibromyalgia cures that claim you can just take a pill and get relief from your pain. These people don't tell you that their product only works on 10% of the people who try it.

At the same time, don't believe anyone who says there is no cure--that you have to learn to live with it. This one drives me nuts. You must believe you can get better. You must believe it is possible. This is critical to your recovery.

If you don't have any hope of having any hope, then I can't help you. If you do still cling to that knowing deep down that there is something better for you out there, then please, read on.

There has never been a better time than right now to take your health into your own hands. If you are sick and tired of hopelessly suffering from chronic pain, then join me to discover the strategies you have been searching for.

I've put together a teleclass that reveals the 8 Proven Strategies you need to do to reduce your pain, regain your health, and rejoin your life again.

What do you think these strategies are? How do you think you will rate?

Here's what you will learn in this one hour teleclass:

1. The biggest reason behind chronic pain and what you can do to find relief.

2. The one mistake that women with fibromyalgia make and how to avoid it.

3. An in-depth look at what you need to know about the concept of balance and how it relates to your health.

4. How a simple program will help you to find relief...and start regenerating your health!

5. Learn the 8 simple strategies that women with fibromyalgia need to follow to take charge of their own health and find relief from the pain.

Sorry--no classes scheduled at this time. This is the way to find pain relief--it's not going to happen overnight, but if you follow these strategies for women with fibromyalgia, you can make a measurable difference in your health.

I've spent countless hours researching, testing and learning how to reduce pain and feel terrific. My past pain and experience is your gain. (Yes, I've been my own so-called guinea pig for years.) You will avoid the costly mistakes I've made during my learning process and save lots of time and money, while benefitting from my expertise.

This teleclass could easily sell for $50. But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact I've priced this teleclass, where I reveal the 8 Proven Strategies for Living Free of Fibromyalgia at the ridiculously low price of free. Yes, many of my business associates think I'm goofy, but I don't care.

My reasoning is that once you see the benefits from my expertise, I know you’ll come back to me, in order to continue your progress, so with this offer we both win.

By taking this teleclass, you will see where you are at now and get on the track to where you want to go by discovering what strategies you need to incorporate to achieve terrific health!

When you stop and think about it, doesn't it make sense to take advantage of a free class by phone?

The next move is up to you. I'm offering you a this teleclass to help you achieve your quest for better health. Wouldn't you love to wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free, excited about your day?

This teleclass is risk-free. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the page, you’re seriously interested in learning how you rate regarding the 8 Proven Strategies for Living Free of Fibromyalgia. All you have left to do now is to take action.

Sorry--no classes scheduled at this time. There is limited space in each class, so sign up now while you are thinking of it. Look for your email with the call-in instructions. I'll send out a reminder by email, a day or two before the class.

I'm looking forward to helping you achieve your goals of less pain, more sleep, and better days.


Anita Murray

Professional Health Coach
Founding Editor/Owner of www.FibromyalgiaHope.com