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Home Body Health Newsletter for September is Here, Issue #001
September 20, 2004

Helping You and Yours to Better Health, Naturally

Learn how to improve your health and that of your family and friends through natural and alternative options supplemented by education so that you can make informed decisions. The goal is to create optimum health in mind, body, and soul so that you can live life to the fullest.

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Home Body Health Newsletter Issue #001, September 20, 2004

In This Issue:

Learn How Acupressure Helped an Injured Child and saved a trip to the chiroprator.

What I recently learned that can help you with the Allergy Testing Technique taught on

Mercury Fillings: An experience to consider and learn from. Plus, fluoride education and alternatives.

My first subject today is Acupressure. The story starts with my son, 5 years old, who was playing hockey in the basement, in tennis shoes. He comes upstairs and says his leg hurts, and that his hip had cracked while he was doing a slap shot. I told him to lie down and rest.

Well, he was in pretty bad pain (although he gets a little dramatic) and couldn't move his leg at all. He got more upset as the pain got worse whenever he tried to move it. I gave him an ice pack. You should always use ice on and injury, never heat.

He was still in considerable pain, so I decided to call a chiropractor. It was a Saturday and the Chiropractor was closed until Monday morning, so I decided to try some Acupressure on him.

His leg muscle from hip to knee was very tight along the outside. I felt along the muscle, moving up from the knee, until I came to a very tender spot and used the technique taught at the Acupressure Page to stop the pain, spasm, pain cycle. He complained to stop and tried to squirm away as the pain increased, but I just tried to calm him and have him tell me when the pain let up a little.

After treating two pressure points (the second one 2/3 of the way up his thigh), he said that his leg felt a lot better. He started walking and moving around. About 20 minutes later, he told me that his hip had cracked again and felt all better. He had full range of motion after that.

I figure I saved us a trip to the chiropractor, or possibly a doctor. And I feel even more confident in the benefits of Acupressure that I learned from this book at called Pain Erasures: The Bonnie Prudden Way found on the Acupressure Page (link above) of

Next, a couple little tidbits that I've learned about the Allergy Testing technique taught in I stated that you can become proficient in testing yourself without a partner through being able to tighten (tense up) the muscle of your upper arm as you hold it out.

For a review of this method, or if you missed it on, go to this link: Allergy testing page

Well, as the story goes, I received some products in the mail, free, and tested them myself the other day and decided that I was not allergic because I could tense up the muscle at the top of my arm. I went ahead and tried the products. There was a fragrance that I could tell was bothering me. So, I asked my kids to test my arm while I was holding the products, one by one. Everything I had used tested badly (I couldn't hold my arm up to the downward pressure applied by my kids).

I spent the rest of that day hardly able to get off the couch and wondering why I was so tired. I chalked it up to a couple of late nights up with a sick child. I didn't remember the use of these offending substances brought on by my marginal allergy testing technique until the next day.

There seems to be varying degrees of strength in the arm when you are holding an offending product. I felt like I could tense the muscle on my upper arm, but I couldn't tense it strong enough to withstand downward pressure on my arm.

Therefore, I've learned that the muscle has to be able to tense up strongly and completely, in order to not have an adverse effect to the substance you are holding.

I've also learned that if you just hold the product in your hand, you may not get an accurate reading. You need to hold the product against your body in order for it to be fully in your energy field and give a proper testing to the product.

A final update with more health info: A couple of months ago, I noticed one of my two remaining mercury fillings (silver fillings) in my mouth had a small hole in the center of it plus I had a metallic taste in my mouth. I was also really tired and not sleeping well at all.

I went to my dentist as soon as possible. He suspected that there was an infection below a root canal, which is a common health problem that can go undetected. This was on a tooth right next to the one I was complaining about. To my amazement, he asked me to touch the tooth that I suspected and tested my arm using Applied Kinesiology (the same muscle testing technique that I used above to test for allergies). Then he had me touch the other tooth that he suspected, one right next to it, that has a root canal and cap. He concurred that the silver (mercury amalgam) filling that I suspected appeared to be the problem.

We proceeded to remove the last two silver fillings in my mouth. I was pretty happy to have that done with! But, I found out that it is usually mercury amalgam fillings that are put under capped or crowned teeth. So, I still have one silver filling in my mouth under a cap, on the same tooth that has a root canal. The best thing for my health may be to remove the whole tooth as hidden infections can be present under root canals, but I'm not quite ready for that.

If you are afraid of going to the dentist and don't want to get mercury fillings removed, look at how much your health may be suffering every day versus suffering a few hours in a dentist chair. Take it slowly, and get them replaced with white fillings as they go bad, or as you can afford it. But, please, do see your dentist twice a year to prevent major problems in your mouth that can affect your overall health. For dental referrals that will remove mercury fillings safely, visit the dental referrals link off the Fatigue and Toxins Page of You can also find more information about mercury fillings.

Another subject related to dental health is fluoride. Most dentists in the US are convinced that fluoride is necessary for the health of your teeth. Most municipalities in the United States add fluoride to their water.

But around the world, there are a number of countries that either never did add or have stopped adding fluoride to their water supply. This is because fluoride is considered a toxin. Fluoride is rated as more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic. Scary!

A child can die from ingesting one tube of fluoridated toothpaste. It is also considered an accumulated toxin, meaning it accumulates in the body over time. Reports of damage to the central nervous system, bones, glands, and blood vessels are numerous on the Internet. There are over 40 articles about the toxicity of fluoride in the National Medical Library.

Some fluoride may occur naturally in water supplies, for instance, my well water has a small amount of fluoride in it. But, this may even have come from the use of pesticides and fertilizers in farming.

The problem with adding fluoride to a water supply is that some people drink a lot of water and have the possibility of getting toxic levels of fluoride.

The solution? Campaigning to eliminate fluoride from your water supply, buying purified water, or buying a water purifier. I decided many years ago that it was easier and less expensive in the long run to buy a water purifier. I got really tired of hauling water from the grocery store.

How do you know what kind of water purifier to buy? I recommend one that takes out all the toxic substances but leaves the trace minerals that your body needs. I can tell you where to get one if you contact me at

Again, on the subject of fluoride, regarding toothpaste: I use an organic toothpaste that is very economical because you only need the size of a pea on your toothbrush. It is made from crushed egg shells for polishing and includes Xylitol (the same sweetener found in cavity-preventing gum), which is proven to prevent plaque which leads to cavities, without fluoride. One study in Finland found in some cases that beginning cavities were actually filled in when the subjects chewed gum with Xylitol five times/day. It's also safe for kids to swallow, which is a big deal for me.

When I use the regular commercial brands of toothpaste that my doctor's office recommends, I usually end up with 1 or 2 cavities in a 6 month period.

When I use the above mentioned organic toothpaste, I rarely have a cavity. My dental work usually consists of old fillings that need repair.

The only exception to this is when I have been on antidepressants that give me dry mouth, and a person is much more prone to cavities without saliva to continually cleanse the mouth.

This is also why brushing before bed is even more important than brushing your teeth in the morning. Because when you sleep, you are not producing a constant supply of saliva to cleanse your mouth and teeth of the bacteria that eats at sugar in your mouth, forming the acid which eats at your teeth.

Take care of your teeth, they're the only set we adults have. And the health of your mouth can affect the health of your whole body.

That's all for now. . .

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Until next time. . .


Anita Murray

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