Fatigue and Toxins

Fatigue and toxins (along with parasites and viruses) are a major problem. If your body has to fight off these things all the time, it won't have any energy left for the actual business of living and healing.

What can you do to help?

There are a number of ways to detoxify for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general malaise.

There are also a lot of elaborate plans and systems out there. I've tried one through my doctor and it was actually pretty yucky to take and rather involved to measure and mix up. I didn't stick with it more than a month or two.

Here's what you can easily do for regular detoxifying.

I suggest a supplement which includes a pre- and pro-biotic combination with guaranteed delivery system to the intestines.

This puts the "good" bacteria back into your system to take care of yeast and get your intestines better able to operate. Amazingly enough, this will also boost your immune system.

You want this guaranteed delivery because for most brands that contain live acidophilus and other microflora, they need to be refrigerated. Just because it is refrigerated in the store, doesn't mean it was refrigerated on the way to the store. Who knows? A truck may have broken down. Then, they are not alive anymore, and won't do you any good.

Another reason for guaranteed delivery to your intestines is that the acid in your stomach can kill the acidophilus and other good bacteria needed for your digestive system in the intestines. They need to be encapsulated so that they get past the stomach acid, but then are released in the intestines.

This pre- and pro-biotic combination is especially important for people who have been on antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria in your system.

The bacteria that keep the yeast under control in your body are not there and thus, yeast overgrowth happens. This is why yeast infections are common after antibiotic use.

You can take a pre- and pro-biotic combination daily. The pre-biotic feeds the pro-biotic, for more effectiveness.

A yeast overgrowth in the digestive system and throughout the body is often Candida. I think a guaranteed delivery of pre- and pro-biotics along with fiber, and a quality laxative (see below) that will clean out the villi (small hair-like things in the intestines that absorb the nutrients) will help you get results in knocking down this type of chronic infection.

The other thing you may need for your digestive system is enzymes for digesting food. These seem to naturally decline as we age or it may be because we don't eat enough raw foods. Enzymes are killed in cooking, just as other nutrients are eliminated. I would recommend plant-based enzymes.

Along with this, occasional use of a laxative (daily when you are starting to clean out) with the natural root of senna in combination with other herbs like buckthorn bark, licorice root, fennel seed, rhubarb root, alfalfa, anise seed, and blue malva flower is needed to eliminate constipation and clean out the walls of your intestines to allow for nutrient absorption.

Quality protein, oils, and minerals are also a key to detoxification.

One way to stop putting more toxins in your body is to eliminate processed foods. The artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and even artificial fats nowadays are just not good for your body. Neither are pesticides or irradiated foods. Foods that you are sensitive to or allergic to will act as a toxin in your body.

Really anything your body can't use becomes a toxin the body has to deal with and store or eliminate. See my Fibromyalgia Nutrition Page for more help regarding fatigue and toxins. Drink water! Your body is made up of 70% water. If you depend on other sources of liquids without any water, you are probably dehydrated. By the time you are thirsty, you may be dehydrated. Pure water is important.

Fifteen years ago, I did not think I would ever pay for water. My how this world has changed! I started buying water when we lived in a town where the city water intake was downstream from a major manufacturing company. After a year of buying and carrying water from the store, I decided to invest in a water purifier.

I recommend a water purifier that takes out all toxins through the process of reverse osmosis.

You can also look at your air quality for toxins that can come into your body. I recommend an air purifier that eliminates every source of air pollution including:

1) solid particles and liquid droplets like pollen, ash, dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and cigarette smoke.

2) microscopic bacteria, fungi, and mold which are often found in air ducts, bathrooms, and kitchens.

3) gases (smelly or odorless) that escape from carpets, drapes, furniture, cleaning materials, cosmetics, and more.

All of these substances can take it's toll on your immune system. Seasonal and environmental allergies can be greatly improved with the proper type of air purifier.

Look for an air purifier that cleans the air in the whole house through a filterless system. A purifier that only cleans only the air that gets pushed through a filter does not provide thorough protection for you.


If you have any silver fillings in your teeth, get them removed and refilled with white fillings. There has always been controversy about this topic. Most mainstream doctors and dentists will tell you that there is no evidence that the silver fillings cause any problems.

Alternative health professionals are claiming more and more that this is contributing to the toxic load in people. Removing the silver (amalgam) fillings doesn't solve the problem because the stored mercury is still in your system. This is why studies do not show a correlation. It is a contributing factor which happens over a number of years. Then you must detoxify what has accumulated in your system.

Since 1998, amalgam (silver) fillings that are removed from patients are considered toxic waste and must be disposed of properly just like the old mercury thermometers. It is unbelieveable that most of us are allowed to have toxic waste in our mouth!

I used to have a mouthful of silver fillings due to poor brushing habits when I was a child. I have slowly, over the last 14 years, gotten them replaced with white fillings as they were broken or developed cavities under them. I now have 2 left and would like to get these replaced soon. It is one piece in an overall picture of contributing factors to fibromyalgia fatigue and toxins.

It is your choice if you want to change your silver fillings. It may make a difference for you. You should look for a dentist that will remove them safely. For mercury-free dental referrals, click here. You may not be able to afford to change all of your fillings at once, but it has to be part of your plan.


Other things that can help are saunas and especially far infrared saunas, a newer technology that imitates the suns invisible rays and sinks deeply into the skin (as much as 2-4 inches). This deep heat provides quality detoxifying. It's not using the suns rays that burn your skin. It is the rays that give you that deep, warm feeling.

There are claims that a far-infrared sauna can help detoxify the mercury in your system from silver fillings. I don't know for sure if this is true, but you will detoxify more than in a traditional sauna.

You only have to heat a far-infrared sauna to around 140 degrees Farenheit, so you can spend more time in a far-infrared sauna than a traditional sauna. The heat also penetrates further into the skin and body.

In fact, you have to be careful how long and how often you take one of these saunas or you may detoxify too quickly and be miserable with flu-like symptoms. They have personal sized ones for sale now, too. They are portable, with the option to sit up or lie down.

If you can afford a large one, like the size for 4 people, you can lie down in this one, too. (You might have to bend your knees, but that's better for your back, anyway, right?)

Liver Detox

Detoxifying the liver is also important. Milk Thistle is very important for protecting and regenerating your liver (the only organ that can regenerate!). I use a formula that includes dandelion, mushroom, tumeric and artichoke. Many of your hormones are made in the liver, so detoxifying the liver is important for hormonal balance.

I hope you will clear up your body and enjoy more energy with these tips.

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