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How to Survive (or Eliminate) the 4 Types of PMS: The Fibro Hope Messenger-August 4, 2007
August 04, 2007

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How to Survive (or Eliminate)
the 4 Types of PMS

Hi everyone,

I ran across some old notes last week that I thought would be helpful to many of you—but not everyone. The topic is PMS. There will be a blurb for women who’ve reached menopause and for men, regarding hormones, so stay tuned if you’re in those categories.

But for anyone who experiences Premenstrual Syndrome—for anywhere between 3 and 29 days/month (my personal record), I think you will be amazed to find out how you can turn it around in 1-3 months.

First of all, the 4 Types of PMS symptoms are:

1) Anxiety/Irritability
2) Water-weight Gain
3) Cravings
4) Depression

A person may have just one or all 4 symptoms. Your body needs more nutrients in order to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. This is the same concept that I use for any disease, like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. I evaluate the symptoms and determine what nutrients are missing or necessary to heal. Then we set up a Nutritional Program to target those symptoms.

Below are the 4 types of symptoms related to PMS, with the nutrients that help alleviate each symptom:

1) Anxiety/Irritability needs B-Complex and Magnesium.
2) Water-weight Gain is aided by Alfalfa and Vitamin C.
3) Cravings can be relieved by Magnesium and Glucose Regulation Complex (a special formula for keeping blood sugars level.)
4) Depression needs B-Complex, zinc, protein and healthy oils.

The following are some specific nutrients for other symptoms of PMS:

1) Vitamin E is for anxiety, depression, and craving carbs.
2) Overall itching means your iron is low.
3) A steady input of protein will stabilize PMS.
4) Use Calcium/Magnesium for nerves, cramps, and insomnia.

There are other factors to bear in mind when taking supplements:

1) Is your body absorbing nutrients properly?
2) Are the supplements dissolving properly into a bioavailable form so that they can be absorbed by your body?
3) Are you taking the right amount of each particular supplement?

For women who have gone through menopause, your body should still be producing a few hormones. If you liver is clogged, this will make it difficult for your body to maintain the production of the lower amounts of hormones that you are designed to produce in menopause. The same goes for women who have had a hysterectomy. Clearing out your liver while providing good nutrition is the first strategy to implement.

For men, believe it or not, estrogen and testosterone are important for your well-being. Just like women produce and benefit from a small amount of testosterone, men naturally produce a small amount of estrogen.

For anyone, nutrition and a detox program are your first strategies to bringing balance to the body and boosting your hormone production for a healthier you--that’s not so miserable.

If this alone doesn’t jump-start your hormone production, homeopathic hormone boosters are a valuable tool to increase the body’s own production of hormones. This involves saliva testing, to determine which hormones need boosting. (I’m looking into providing this service and product directly to you.)

If these strategies fail, bioidentical hormone replacement that is closely monitored may be your next step. But this should be a last resort. Going this route means you are stuck taking them and monitoring them for the rest of your life.

I can understand that it is difficult to decide just what nutrients you need. When you invest in a Nutritional Assessment by Phone or by Email from me, you get my expert advice on the nutrients and products that will best support your healing. And when you purchase your supplements through me online, I help you with quantities and time of day to take your supplements plus fine-tuning your nutritional program, to meet your body’s changing needs.

Enough about that. Here’s something new to forward your journey:

I’ve added three Specialty Teleclasses to help reduce your pain and fatigue.

The first class is guiding you through Self-Administered Acupressure. In this class I will teach you how to stop the pain-spasm-pain cycle that keeps your muscles in knots. When a muscle is tight there is pain, which leads to a spasm, which causes more pain. It is this vicious cycle that I will teach you to break.

When a muscle is tight, you’ll also find reduced blood flow leading to another self-perpetuating problem—continued lack of nutrients that prevents proper functioning and healing. When the muscle is able to relax, then nutrients can flow into the muscle. So, the acupressure techniques in this class hold two benefits: reduce your pain and allow blood flow to deliver more healing nutrients to your muscles.

The next class is Allergy and Sensitivity Testing, where I teach you three techniques to determine if you have Food or Chemical Sensitivities that are adding to your pain and fatigue. These are often hidden allergies that, when uncovered and eliminated, can catapult your health.

The techniques I teach all relate to Applied Kinesiology. One is used alone while another works better with a partner. The third can be used either way. Allergy testing at a doctor’s office may cost you $600 and is not as sensitive as these tests. So, discover what may be sabotaging your recovery efforts in this unique class.

The third addition is a Group Question & Answer Session where you get to pick my brain for up to an hour. Learn from your own question and the questions of others in this unique format. With this conference call, you can gain the knowledge and answers you need in a group setting at an affordable price.

Each Specialty Teleclass that I’m currently offering is only $25 and includes information that I’ve learned that can help you tremendously for years to come. Invest in yourself by checking out the current time slots here .

Oh, I have to tell you about this, too:

Think Right Now International is now offering their amazing products free for two weeks. I have at least 6 of their cd’s and tapes, that have helped me decrease my depression, achieve goals, better fulfill the needs of my customers, get more organized, and exercise more.

There are more titles for ending procrastination, improving your self-esteem, and stopping anxiety. Their newest cd’s include supreme self-confidence and fearless public speaking.

There’s a couple things I like about these tapes and cd’s. There’s nothing subliminal. You hear everything. And you can listen while you’re sleeping or driving, or play in the background while doing other activities. It takes no more time out of your day, although you will get more out of it if you do take 10 minutes to an hour for special focus.

You can spend years reading self-help books, but if you’re like I was, you probably haven’t implemented a lot. You know what you’re supposed to do, but the changes are not happening. This is because we need to take out the negatives from the past at the same time that we replace them with the positives we want now.

These cd’s make if effortless to change. Try them for 14 days, at no charge. And enjoy.

May this newsletter—and the information in it—begin to change your life for the better. Don’t give up hope.



Fibromyalgia Health Coach
Nutritional Consultant

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