Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Assessment

Click on the Picture to download your Self-Guided Nutritional Assessment. Discover if you have any symptoms that may potentially point to nutritional deficiencies that can add to your suffering while preventing your recovery.

Are you curious if you may have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that your body is trying to tell you about, through your pain?

Are you getting enough of the good oils in your diet?

Could you benefit from some herbal formulas to support your adrenals and energy?

How do you know if you're getting enough protein for hormonal health, to combat fatigue, plus make happy brain chemicals?

Why Take This Fibromyalgia Nutritional Assessment?

Are you already taking supplements but still in pain and can't sleep (among other things!)?

Getting the right nutrients from safe and effective supplements can be over half your battle--it is that important!

This comprehensive Nutritional Assessment has 4 Pages of Categories.

Each Category has a list of symptoms under it, like irritability, restless legs, tight muscles, or constipation.

Simply check the symptoms you currently experience and reference the key at the back of the Assessment, to uncover your nutritional needs. I have conveniently linked to the supplements that I know fit these criteria:

1) Bio-available 2) Safe, without toxins 3) Effective

The Nutritional Assessment is now being sold only in a bundle, because my clients do much better when they put together all the tools and information that I offer, not just a bit here and a bit there. I'll be announcing this Home Healing Package soon.
I can't say that this Assessment can diagnose you or that supplements can cure you. (Gotta have that disclaimer.) But I will give you your money back if your are not satisfied with what you learn about your nutritional needs from this Assessment.

And I can say that if you have more than one or two checks in any category, this may indicate one or more of several possibilities:

1) you are not absorbing nutrients properly

2) you have a need for more nutrients than you are currently getting

3) you may benefit from herbal support

4) your supplements are not supplying what they claim

To assess your nutritional needs, you have two options:

Option 1: Self-Guided Nutritional Assessment, which you can download by clicking on the image of the Nutritional Assessment at the top of this page. Take the Assessment, compare your answers to the Assessment Key included on the back page, and decide on your own what your unique nutritional program should include. Determine where you may have potential nutritional deficiencies by the number of checks in each Category. Includes product recommendations (no obligation--although they also include a money-back guarantee) to take the guesswork out of finding safe and effective supplements that will work for you.

Confused about where to start or what you need when it comes to your results?

Option 2: Purchase a Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment, which gives you my personal attention to design a supplement program targeted to your exact needs. With this option, I go over your whole history, along with your current symptoms and health issues. I outline for you a Beginning Nutritional Program for those on a budget plus optional supplements to add now or later for a Comprehensive Nutritional Program that targets all of your symptoms with a safe and effective, personally tailored Shaklee supplement program, just for you.  To purchase this service, which includes diet and exercise recommendations, click the Buy Now button below:

I know it has been hard for you as you get your hopes up time and again, only to have them crushed as you find yourself feeling worse--all over. I've been there. One key is a comprehensive nutritional program, not just a supplement here and another supplement there. Your body needs many nutrients to work together in order to function in a proper and balanced way. Allow me to help you find that way.

Ever feel like you try something, it starts to work, then you revert back to feeling like crap? Yeah, I know. It sucks.  Check out my Energy Healing Sessions, after you have your diet, exercise, and supplement programs in place.

Learn more about how your Nutritional Assessment and getting the right nutrients will benefit you.

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