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Learn how Shaklee can help you rebuild healthy cells.- The Fibro Hope Messenger, March 12, 2011
March 12, 2011

Dedicated to Helping You
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Shaklee Helps You Rebuild Healthy Cells

Hi, how are you?

Anita here. First of all, I'm sure some of you are wondering why you are not getting very many newsletters from me. Aside from being extremely busy, I don't have that much new information to pass on to you. Everything is either on my website, or in my back-issues . Once in a while I'll post something on my blog, but most of what I learn these days is really just re-enforcing what I already know and recommend in my practice. One example that is coming out more now, is food sensitivities. They are a huge factor that can sabotage your health. Check out the back-issues link above for more on this topic.

There are still a few areas of health that haven't caught up with my recommendations yet. Like boosting your body's own ability to produce hormones rather than adding them from the outside. This follows nature's plan more than synthetic hormones or even bio-identical hormones. My hormone page now has a link to the homeopathic products (which also make them extremely safe!) that I recommend to boost your own hormone production. And now you don't need a saliva test before trying them. Remember to follow the instructions to clear out your liver first. There are a number of ways to do this, but the easiest--and I think most pleasant way--is by taking Liver DTX for 1-3 months, depending on your detox needs.

Next, some of you know that I recommend mostly Shaklee food supplements in my practice. I'm not allowed to mention that on my fibro website, so maybe you don't know, huh? Shaklee's products are safe, pure, effective, based on whole foods (meaning all the nutrients from all parts of foods are included, so the body can utilize the nutrients effectively), and have been selling for over 50 years. Dr. Shaklee's first product, Vitalized Minerals, was developed in 1917, before there was even a name for vitamins. All Shaklee's food supplements come with a 30-day money back guarantee that you will feel better, so you've got nothing to lose in giving them a try. In fact, I was planning to utilize this same guarantee over 20 years ago because I thought there was no difference in vitamins. To my amazement and delight, all my chronic pain that I had been living with daily for 6 years, was gone in less than a month. You, too, can experience this.

If you are not getting relief of symptoms from your current supplements there are three possibillities:

1) The supplements you are taking are not bioavailable. For instance, a lot of common multi-vitamin and mineral supplements are compacted into such a tight little pill of synthetically made vitamins that they never break down and absorb, passing right through where they need to be absorbed in your system. If they do break down, the synthetic nature of them is not recognized by the body. If you can't feel a difference from your vitamins, they are probably a waste of money. Using Shaklee ensures that your supplements are safe, bioavailable, and effective. They are not cheap, but are comparable to the prices at GNC, with a much higher effectiveness rating.

2) You are not getting enough nutrients or not the right nutrients that your body needs. My Nutritional Assessment will help you uncover the specific nutrients that your body needs.

3) Your digestive system is not absorbing the nutrients that you take in. Following the Great Taste No Pain diet will help you garner more nutrients from your foods, because you are able to more fully digest your foods when eating this way. Another factor in my wellness program is for you to use Herb-lax (from Shaklee, under digestive help) to clean out the villus, little hair-like structures in your intestines, where nutrients are actually absorbed. If these are clogged and lying down, the surface area for nutrient absorption is severely compromised.

Don't know which supplements you need? Using my Nutritional Assessment will individualize your needs for a comprehensive nutritional program and will help you get the most benefits from the supplements. You see, the body uses many nutrients at one time, in many combinations. This is why a supplement here and a supplement there never solves your health issues. The body needs a more comprehensive array of nutrients in the same way that it needs a variety of healthy foods. Supplementation is often necessary because:

A) Foods just don't have the amount of nutrients today that they did even 50 years ago.

B) When you are ill, the body often needs a higher amount of nutrients in order to heal.

So, my supervisors in Shaklee, Heidi and Dave Carlstedt, are giving away a free container of Shaklee's Basic H wipes to any of my Shaklee members (people who are signed up as a member under me with Shaklee, which can easily be done when you order online--the system asks if you would like to become a member and you save the membership fee and more in a couple orders--or less) who order before March 31st. In addition, Shaklee is giving away about $100 in Cinch products (Shaklee's weight loss program that helps you maintain muscle while losing fat, which promotes a higher metabolism, enabling more weight loss) until March 31, 2011. (I will be out of the country from March 19-28. My son is playing in a hockey tournament in Sweden---pretty exciting! So, if you would like my help with your Nutritional Assessment by Email or Phone, let's get it done this week!)

Heidi has extensive experience with innumerous health issues. Heidi and I also have her mother, Bernice, who left us a few years ago, to thank for so much knowledge about nutrition. Heidi is a great resource and always willing to help any of my members--even though she's pretty busy with 8 or 9 kids herself (I lose count!) and a teaching career. I have learned a tremendous amount from her, and go to her when I am faced with diseases where I am not yet familiar with. So, rest assured, between the two of us, we can help you with any health challenge. We work to help you rebuild healthy cells.

First, some information about building healthy cells:

* In 7 days, you can change the chemistry of your blood.

* In 7 weeks, you can change the composition of your cells.

* In 7 months, you will have made changes in major body organs.

* In 7 years, there is a whole new you (every cell in the body has died and replaced itself in a healthier environment).

What feeds and nourishes a healthy cell?:

Excellent, unprocessed diet choices, plus unheated, whole-food vitamin/mineral supplements, quality protein, purified good fats, & pure water.

What does not feed & nourish a healthy cell?:

Processed food, synthetic supplements (like those found at discount stores) OR fragmented or isolated vitamin/mineral supplements (like those found at health food stores), and prescription drugs.

You can always skip the Nutritional Assessment and get started with my Basic Fibro Supplement Program . This is the same program that Heidi put me on over 20 years ago--and is still effective today. Start with this, so you can get in on the freebies including the Basic H wipes (non-toxic cleaning) and the Cinch weight loss program sampler. All my Shaklee customers receive free help in fine-tuning their nutritional program, so that you get the results you are looking for. You are guaranteed to feel better. And this is what I want most for you. No matter what your health challenges, my mission is to help you regain your health.


Anita Murray

Anita Murray

Health Coach
Nutritional Consultant

Fibromyalgia Hope, LLC
N3486 Guenther Rd.
Waupun, WI 53963

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Shaklee has proven safe and effective supplements plus non-toxic cleaning supplies--all important for healing. is the source for natural healing without drugs.

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