Basic Fibro
Supplement Program

For my Basic Fibro Supplement Program, I recommend from a trusted company that has been around for over 50 years. Yes, I am a Shaklee Distributor, although I currently do not carry inventory. All my clients order online. With Shaklee, you can be assured of the purity, effectiveness, quality and integrity of these products. As you may well know, these factors are extremely important in today's marketplace. It is buyer beware, more than ever.

My Basic Fibromyalgia Supplement Program has evolved from my experience with clients who have fibromyalgia. You may choose to take my Nutritional Assessment to determine your own personalized nutritional program that targets your body's unique needs. But most everyone shows a need for the nutrients found in this beginning nutritional program.

The Basic Fibro Supplement Program includes:

80 Bio-Optimized Nutrients in handy strip paks.

A Complete Protein with all essential Amino Acids for energy, mood, and repair.

An Herbal Cleanser to ensure absorption of nutrients.

Calcium/Magnesium + all nutrients necessary for utilization of these keys to muscle health and relaxation. The above supplements are from the one company that I have been using for over 20 years--with the founder having developing his first product way back in 1917. At that time, Dr. Shaklee called them Vitalized Minerals, as the term vitamins had not even been invented yet. Shaklee has more clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals involving their own supplements, to scientifically prove effectiveness, than any other supplement company. Period.

Believe me, I've tried buying cheaper supplements, or even handier ones like those that I find at the Mall or the discount store. I always go back to Shaklee. I just feel better. If you cannot feel a difference from the supplements you are taking, then it is time to switch.

Use This to Accelerate the Repair of your Basic Fibro Supplement Program

You will feel younger and live longer with this red wine extract elixir. No--this is not hype--it is scientifically proven that this product will slow the aging process. There is nothing out there like it, because of the way it is formulated to work synergistically.

Engage targeting to enhance your Basic Fibro Supplement Program

Remember, take my Nutritional Assessment to develop your personalized Basic Fibro Supplement Program and uncover where you may have possible deficiencies that are holding you back from feeling your best. You may choose from the Self-Guided Nutritional Assessment or receive extra help from me by choosing a Nutritional Assessment by Phone or a Nutritional Assessment by Email.

Please note: I am not saying your fibromyalgia will be cured with this supplement program. Shaklee Corporation does guarantee that you will feel better in 30 days, or your money back for empty bottles. You have nothing to lose in trying. But I do recommend a complete program, not just one or two nutrients here or there. Your body uses many nutrients at a time for each function it is trying to do. And uses even more when trying to heal. This is why food alone is often not enough.