Compassion Key

for Healing Fibromyalgia and Much More. . .

Compassion Key (or CK), is a system that uses Self-Directed Compassion, a powerful healing force.  Compassion is more powerful than Love alone.  It is more powerful than Gratitude by itself.  As a Level II Certified Compassion Key Practitioner, I help facilitate you to apply Self-Directed Compassion to heal your deep wounds and imprints that hide your Divine Self, your True Self, the highest expression of who you are meant to become.  

These wounds often originate in your childhood.  Something as small as the disapproval from a favorite aunt, criticizing the mixture of polka dots and stripes your wore when you dressed yourself (and felt you looked fantastic), can leave a mark on your soul, never being confident of your own style while getting dressed, from that day forward.  Many of us feel less than the special, unique soul we are designed to be and can become, when these feelings of unworthiness, deep down, are cleared.

This is a newer modality which, after witnessing its powerful effects, I dedicated most of 2016 to studying and learning, so that I can help you finally shake off fibromyalgia and so much more.  So that you may move ahead to the life you deserve without pain, without fear, without blocks that prevent you from attaining your full potential.

If you are not sure if CK is an answer for you, check out Compassion Key FAQ.  If you are still undecided, you may schedule a 30-minute consult with me, to help you decide if you will benefit from my skills with CK and Energy Healing, and to determine if you and I are a good match to work together.

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Compassion Key Testimonials

See what others are saying about Compassion Key sessions with me:

Thank you, Anita, for the gentle yet powerful healing session. I was impressed with your ability to astutely know where to begin releasing my hip pain and when to move smoothly from the initial assessment to deftly uncover several issues I had not considered before. Some of the techniques you used in coordination with the Compassion Key tools were so effective, I have incorporated them into my daily meditations. I have not had a recurrence of the hip pain since our session 5 days ago, which is truly remarkable as I have lived with this chronic pain for years! (V.F., Alberta, Canada)

In the powerful session I received from Anita, reasons for it not being safe for me to BREATHE were unearthed and healed. Now, when I find myself breathing fully and deeply, I think of Anita! :) (E.E.,California, USA)

Thank you so much, Anita, for the incredible session!!!! Still moving the energy! What a warm and caring space you provide! I am impressed with your ability to navigate the different levels of our being (body, mind, emotions, spirit) and follow the energies with grace and awareness to a healing place! I am deeply grateful for your generosity of time, wealth of knowledge, and depth of spirit to be present in so many ways! Truly a Gift, sharing your gifts!!! (K.L., Nebraska, USA.)

I do recommend multiple sessions, especially if you have several health problems, or numerous issues around abundance or relationships, etc.  When using CK, along with a few other techniques that I might enlist during our sessions, I work to get to the very core of every issue, so we try to take only one basic area of your life during one session, rather than touching lightly on many areas, in one session.  You’ll find this a profoundly effective method of healing.

 Please allow a 75-120 minutes for a Session with me. There is often a lot to clear and I always want to end each session with a sense of resolution and completeness. 

Please note, your credit card will be charged from Life Hope Health and Wellness, via Paypal. 

You may choose to have your sessions recorded.  Let me know your preference.

I look forward to working with you, especially if you feel the same calling to connect, that I feel:)   Listen to your heart, follow your intuition, just as I will during our Compassion Key sessions together.

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