A Fibromyalgia Diet (or Two) for Healing

Discover a fibromyalgia diet where your body tells you what it needs to recover, through your natural, forgotten instincts.

The best fibromyalgia diet (as in way of eating) that I've come across takes the caveman diet (eating only raw foods) one step further. The only problem is staying on this diet in our modern society and getting the wide variety of foods that your body needs to heal. I've only stayed on this way of eating for 3 weeks at a time. This diet is extreme, but I want you to know that it is an option. Keep reading below for other options that can fit easily into your lifestyle.

The way of eating that I recommend as the most healing fibromyalgia diet is called Anopsology or eating instinctively. You forage for what smells and tastes the best from the variety of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, protein and honey that you find in your fridge and on your table (tropical fruits do not need to be refrigerated-they're used to being warm). These foods have to be in their original state without pesticides, heat, freezing or genetic engineering.

You then eat the food that smells the best until the taste changes. When the food no longer tastes good, this is your body signaling that you've had enough. You may eat one orange or ten oranges in a row. It's trusting your body to tell you what you should eat, not social customs engrained in your brain.

If you follow this way of eating, your body will guide you to eat the nutrients you need through your senses of taste and smell. It's truly amazing how this works. This doesn't work with hot fudge sundaes or cooked foods, which is why we overeat. The taste change only happens with raw foods in their original state.

Here's an example of what I believe to be instinctive nutrition at its best: Have you heard of the boy who cured his cancer by eating apple seeds? They probably tasted great and that's why he ate them. I find this is an example of accidentally eating instinctively (kids have much better instincts than us big people). His body probably used the apple seeds to get well. I'm told there is strychnine in apple seeds. Maybe this killed the cancer. We don't know, but it's food for thought. (pun, hee, hee.)

Here's another apple example that you've probably experienced: Have you ever have an apple that tasted great? And the next day, an apple from the same bag just didn't taste so good? That is your body telling you that you needed the apple the first day and didn't need it so much the second day. This example comes from my favorite book about this fibromyalgia diet: Instinctive Nutrition Another analogy from this book is that you cannot start with one cement block, one board, and one roof tile to build a house. First you need all the cement blocks, then all the boards, then the roof tiles. The theory of why this fibromyalgia diet works and why Recommended Daily Allowances don't work, is that our body needs certain nutrients at a certain time in order to heal. Like building blocks.

A person on this fibromyalgia diet may find that moldy fruit tastes the best. If this is the case, they definitely have an infection because penicillin is found in the mold. A person will instinctively choose what their body needs to recover.

The fabulous thing about this fibro diet is that food becomes almost orgasmic to eat after your senses are cleared up. You are always eating what tastes best, and each bite will have it's own flavor. It also gives you amazing physical benefits. I have experienced the following myself:

*Grey hair turned back to brown (I love this benefit).

*Cuts that healed in one day (completely gone, no scab, can't find it!).

*Amazing resistance to cold (I was in -17 degree Fahrenheit weather, without a coat, for almost 5 minutes and never even felt cold).

*Incredible endurance (normally able to do a maximum of 5 guys' push-ups, I was able to do 50 push-ups in a row. I stopped, not because I was tired but because I thought I'd be really sore the next day. Guess what? I experienced no muscle soreness the next day).

*My digestive system normalized in 3 days (bowel movements that are large in diameter, float, and have no odor should be your goal.)

*Major detoxification in the form of skin sloughing off (everybody will detox in different ways).

*Weight lost very quickly getting down to skin and bones (after that, a person will put weight back on as muscle.)

*At one point, I ate exclusively the core (this is where most of the nutrition is found) of raw, organic cauliflower for 2 days, because nothing else smelled good. It was strange, but I felt great!

*At another time, some organic grapes tasted so good, I could hardly stand it! Talk about pleasurable eating. This is like nothing you've ever experienced.

These are some of the benefits I had after just 3 weeks of eating instinctively, without cheating. I went off the diet because I got pregnant and couldn't find enough sources of protein when I was living 3 miles from downtown Minneapolis (there was no fresh, range-fed meat in Mpls. at the time, even though I lived within 10 minutes of 3 whole food co-op stores).

Let me share with you a story about my first meal off the Anopsology: It was a turkey croissant from a deli. The next day, I could smell the turkey coming out of my feet! Weird, but it shows that my body couldn't utilize all of this processed, cooked turkey. This is why people's feet stink. It's a major way for your body to get rid of toxins.

Caution: If you want to try this diet, you must be under a doctor's care because the detoxification can be rapid. Do not eat raw meat until you've been on the diet at least 3 weeks (if ever). These days, you also have to be cautious of organic fruits and vegetables that are fertilized with manure. You can get serious bacterial infections from this, especially the first few weeks of this way of eating. After that, your immune system should be working more efficiently. You can learn about Anopsology from the book Instinctive Nutrition. Learn more about a vegetarian diet and raw foods at All 4 Natural Health. Every-Day Diet Recommendations

Since it's a little difficult to follow Anopsology in today's world, I've found another fibromyalgia diet that promotes better digestion and in turn gives you better nutrient absorption, plus changes your body from an acid environment ripe for disease into an alkaline environment ready for healing.

It is called Great Taste No Pain . Follow the link and sign up for Sherry Brescia's newsletter. She is very knowledgeable about how this fibromyalgia diet that will increase your body's ability to regain health. I have a number of clients who have been helped by this fibromyalgia diet alone. And it is the easiest diet to stick with, since you are still eating all your favorites--just not all at the same time. This is where I start most of my clients when working through the process of healing.

Since you may be very sick, it can take 5-7 times the nutrients to heal a sick body than to maintain a healthy body. This is why you may need to supplement your fibromyalgia diet . Now, since healthy people often need to supplement, common sense will tell you that people who are sick will need even more supplements to recover. Quality supplementation, along with reducing allergens and toxins that your body needs to fight off, will help give your body the tools it needs to recover.

But eating well is also important for your health. You cannot take quality supplements and try to live off chocolate chip cookies. It's just not going to work, which is why I also do health coaching, to get the all-around health-supporting habits that you need, not just supplements.

So try to give your body as many whole, natural foods as you can. The less you cook, the better (I like that!). The fewer ingredients on the label, the better (like the ice cream with only 4 ingredients). If you can read all the ingredients on a label, that's a sign that it will be healthier for you.

A colleague of mine recommends that 60% of your diet should be raw foods. That means 6 out of 10 things you choose to eat should be raw. I think that’s a little hard to accomplish for some, but I think 50% raw foods is worth aiming for. Try to shop only on the outside isles of the grocery store. This is where all of the fresh food is located. This gets you away from processed foods. Remember, if it's not in the house, you can't eat it. (And if it's not good for you, chances are it's not so good for your family either.) You may go through a few tough days of withdrawal without junk/processed foods, but will come out feeling better on the other end. Here's an idea that will truly promote your health: transfer the money you spend on unhealthy foods toward quality supplements. This way, it's not costing you any more, but will have a profound effect on your health.

Are organic fruits better than the regular fruit found in the stores? Yes, they really are. I understand that they cost more. Aside from the fact that you're not putting in more toxins, the nutritional content of organic foods is very different.

Range-fed meat or wild meat is far superior to your grocery store stuff. (Venison and elk are difficult to digest.) Organic fruits and raw nuts are better than the genetically engineered (your body doesn't recognize these as well) or pesticide-filled (you can figure the problem here) produce, but if you can't afford them, still eat plenty of vegetables and fruits plus some nuts (raw is better but must be kept refrigerated or they become rancid) in a wide variety. Honey that is still in the honeycomb, so that it is not heat processed can satisfy your sweet tooth.

If an orange tastes great, eat another one. Your body is telling you that you need it.

Try having your meat for supper served with 2 vegetables, instead of pasta and a vegetable. It's a super-easy way to get more vegetables in your diet and a healthier meal overall. You will naturally eat more fruits and veggies to fill up if you eliminate breads, pastas, etc. You do want some whole grains, but careful, labels are very deceiving these day. And wheat is such a common, yet often hidden, allergy that you need to make sure that it's OK for you, and not sabotaging your health.

Try having a salad with meat instead of a sandwich with meat. Look for dressings that have olive oil, flaxseed oil, or coconut oil. These are the good oils that you need to incorporate. I don't recommend fat-free foods.

You can also serve wild or brown rice instead of white rice. Spinach pasta or whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta.

Combine a fruit with some protein (cheese, milk, nuts) for a snack. This will tide you over, keeping you full longer.

Some people do very well with just fruit for breakfast. You have to find what's right for you. I like to have fruit and a protein drink.

Do not limit your diet to only protein. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients. Solely eating protein is hard on your kidneys.

Also, you want to rule out food sensitivities with allergy testing. I give a short class on 3 techniques for allergy testing. Contact me for more information. This class will help you to determine if hidden food allergies are holding you back in your quest for health. Wheat is very common. Dairy is another common allergy. I'm finding this more and more a factor in my clients' health.

When you eat better, you will feel better. Don't try to do everything at once. This becomes overwhelming. Take baby steps, changing one habit at a time, and make that change a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Do you find yourself giving in to your cravings?

Are you having trouble sticking with the changes in your fibromyalgia diet that you know will improve your health?

Are you confused about what to eat or where to start?

Do holidays and time with friends seem to sabotage your efforts to eat well?

Are you good for a while, but fall back into bad habits after weeks or months?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from my Health Coaching Services. In a complimentary session, I'll show you how getting clear about what you want to do and why, coupled with a plan of action and accountability will allow you to overcome the blocks that have been holding you back from eating a fibromyalgia diet that supports your health.

Check out my Health Coaching Services . Through some motivation, brain-storming, and accountability, you can reach your goals for an improved fibromyalgia diet that will, in turn, improve your health.

More nutrition to supplement your fibromyalgia diet