Natural Fibromyalgia Solutions

There are numerous natural fibromyalgia solutions found on

If you wish to lower your dependence on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, through natural means (with your doctor's approval), I have specific strategies for your particular situation and symptoms.

There are natural ways for you to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce your pain or anxiety, support those happy brain chemicals, reduce water-weight gain, etc.

I cannot guarantee that you will be able to eliminate all drugs, but the chances of you being able to lower your dose with natural replacements are high, thus lowering your side effects, too.

*Have you experienced the chronic pain that sucks your energy and drags down your mood?

*Do you have sharp pain that just about brings you to your knees sometimes?

*Ever have the inability to get off the couch--where you are so weak you can hardly lift a glass of water?

*Do you experience hormonal problems where your PMS is so bad that you think you are going crazy?

*What about the insomnia, where you are up for hours at night and then so tired you can hardly function the next day?

I understand much of what you are going through. I've been there. I can help you.

I understand that effort may seem impossible at times. I can also relate to the brain fog that makes decisions seem too difficult to deal with. I have been there. I'll help you decide the best way for you to get off your road of illness and get back on your own journey, feeling good again.

Here's why people choose me for natural fibromyalgia solutions:

Here's why people choose Natural Fibromyalgia Solutions at

1) I’ve had fibromyalgia, so I know what you are going through.

2) I help you discover your own unique keys to recovery, because everyone is different. There is no one solution that fits all.

3) I’m an expert in targeting symptoms with nutritional deficiencies, which when supplied, will give your body the tools that it needs to rebuild healthy cells and function as designed.

4) I work to design a well-rounded recovery plan, personalized for you, that includes all aspects that affect your health including diet, exercise, supplements, attitude, self-care, etc. You must understand that one thing will not do the trick. A comprehensive plan is what you need and I provide.

5) I help you make permanent changes to your lifestyle that improve your health now and foretell the quality of life that you will enjoy in the future through Health Coaching.

6) You are welcome to pick and choose the services that most fit your needs:

*Assessments provide direction and advice, based on your current symptoms and lifestyle, providing natural fibromyalgia solutions.

*Phone or email consultations can answer your questions and provide guidance for alternative fibromyalgia healing.

*Health Coaching will help you choose, make, and stick to the lifestyle changes that you need to take, in order to stop depleting your health and recover from fibromyalgia.

*Energy Healing clears imprints, generational patterns and childhood traumas that cloud your true Potential and Light from shining through.  Helps clear patterns of self-sabotage!

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