Fibromyalgia Doctor

Dr. Nasr is one of my mentors, who not only has experience as a fibromyalgia doctor, he is one of the smartest people I've ever heard speak. I recommend him for any health issues you or your loved ones may be having.

Dr. Nasr aquired a Master's degree in Biochemistry before he received his Medical Degree, so he brings to the medical profession a unique perspective. He has also specialized in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. He holds additional degrees in Agronomy and Pharmacognosy plus memberships in the American College of Nutraceuticals and the American College of Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Nasr looks, and teaches others to look, first to nutrition and secondly to medications to heal the human body. This includes his treatment as a fibromyalgia doctor. He understands, down to the cellular level, what is happening in the body and how to support proper functioning of the body through nutrition. His knowledge is ahead of his time; Dr. Nasr has been giving the same message about medicine, health, and nutrition for the last 35 years. Years ago, he was arrested for his advice. Now he is often sought after to be on advisory boards, etc.

Dr. Nasr is the Director of:

Medical Care & Diagnostic Center
201 S. Milwaukee Ave.
Lake Villa, IL 60046

Dr. Nasr has an over 95% success rate treating fibromyalgia. It is with his generous permission that I pass along to you his knowledge of fibromyalgia and why vitamins, minerals, and eventually protein are critical to recovery. He feels that this is important information that needs to get out to the public.

Dr. Nasr has treated over 25,000 patients in the last 35 years. This gives him a tremendous pool from which to draw statistics. He has, for all this time, recommended the same brand of supplements.

About 3/4 of Dr. Nasr's patients take these recommended supplements. Of those patients choosing to take this quality brand, 99.9% do not develop cancer. Those few that do develop cancer, do not die from it. This means that out of 15,000 people, only 15 will develop cancer. This is absolutely incredible, don't you agree? But Dr. Nasr has the pool of patients to prove it.

Discover which vitamins and minerals this fibromyalgia doctor recommends for your recovery.