Fibromyalgia E-course

Experience this Fibromyalgia E-course, which incorporates mind-body-spirit wellness that guides and motivates you to take action. In this e-course, you choose the small steps that fit into your lifestyle to help you reduce your pain, sleep better, and have more energy for life.

*Do you feel like you've tried everything to feel better--and spent a ton of money--without results?

*Have you attempted to make changes in your diet and exercise, but you keep falling back into your old habits after life gets in the way?

*Fed up with taking medications where the side effects are worse than the symptoms they are supposed to be helping?

*Are you ready to take control of your health instead of believing the "you'll just have to learn to live with it" line?

*Could better eating habits and regular exercise, along with Health Coaching and Energy Healing be your answer to feeling less pain, gaining more energy and experiencing deep, restorative sleep?  Absolutely!

*Does the huge choice of supplements out there make you confused?  Eliminate supplementation guesswork by taking my Nutritional Assessment, now provided free within this Fibromyalgia E-course, and follow the recommendations, based on your personal symptoms, using the safe, effective whole food supplements linked in the Assessment.  

*Are you totally skeptical, but just a tiny bit curious about what the 8 Proven Strategies for Living Free of Fibromyalgia could do for you?

If you've answered yes to any of these, check out my Fibromyalgia E-course. The sign-up form is at the bottom of this page .

You probably feel like you get too many emails already, but this E-course is worth clearing out all the junk in your Inbox, plus you'll have less stress, with less email clutter!  You'll find a mini-health coaching program in this e-course, designed to move you forward with the steps that are right for you, in your quest for less pain, better sleep, and more energy.

Discover how much control you really do have when it comes to how you are feeling every day by joining this Mini-Health Coaching E-course. And you can catch a couple laughs along the way.

What are the 8 Proven Strategies? That's for me to know and you to sign up and find out!  I've also added my E-book as a free download at the end of this e-course.  Huge!

After you sign up, you'll receive a series of 8 emails that are fun, (Ok, I tried to give them a little humor!), informative (there's lot more where that came from), and they motivate you to take the actions (most importantly actions of your own choosing) to get you on the road to getting back the life that you deserve.  

Plan on receiving one email about every 3 days.  Please note: this will not sign you up for my newsletter.  You are only signing up for the one-time e-course.  Just do me a favor:  don't let this sit on your computer and never look at it or put it to use.  So often, we don't put a value on what is free.  I could easily charge $100 for this bundle, but I am also aware of the often-restrictive budgets of those I serve in the fibromyalgia community.  

How much would you pay for a life without pain, where you have enough energy to play and work, along with getting that elusive deep sleep that allows your body to repair, while you wake up feeling truly rested?

Yeah, I know, I would have paid anything, when I was suffering from allover pain on a daily basis, but this course is free.

In this Fibromyalgia E-course, you'll get a taste of my complete Fibromyalgia Recovery Program and discover how I can help you make fibromyalgia part of your past, not your future.

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Fibromyalgia E-Course

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