Want to Quit Smoking?

Do you know you need to quit smoking, but just not ready?

Break Your Nicotine Addiction and Quit Smoking Forever!

Are you tired of going back to cigarettes when you're under stress? Fed up with trying to quit and failing again? Afraid to even try, cause you know your addiction is strong and the withdrawal symptoms unbearable? Take heart, there is hope.

I finally kicked the habit 3 years ago and I've developed a Quit Smoking Forever Program through my 29 years of failing to quit (I know how tough it is and I learned a lot!) and based upon my last and final attempt to quit along with my new-found ability to remain smoke-free.

You see, I had quit for days, weeks, months, and up to one full year at a time before--and always went back to cigarettes, either when under stress or deciding to bum 'just one' from somebody who was smoking near me or whatever other excuse I could come up with. Can you relate?

You can finally have the keys to making the quitting process easier to get through. You may have quit smoking over 100 times and suffered through the withdrawals and the pain of restarting. That is behind you. Discover the keys to being smoke-free, which make up my new Quit Smoking Forever Program.

In this program, there are 6 stages to change, according to the authors of the book, "Changing for Good" by Prochaska, Norcross, and DiClemente, found at Amazon.com These 6 stages are part of quitting smoking or making any other changes you wish to make in your life.

The first stage is Pre-contemplation. This is basically the stage of denial, where a person does not acknowledge that they need to change. Some of you may be in this stage, telling yourself that smoking does not affect your health and that your grandmother smoked until she was 92, so you can smoke without harm to yourself, too. If you wish to remain in this stage, you are fooling yourself. Look into the research about smoking and face the consequences of your actions.

The next stage of change is Contemplation. Many of you may be stuck in this stage. You know you need to quit smoking, but you are not ready to attempt it. Or, you attempt to quit, but it doesn't last very long and you are back to smoking and to knowing that you need to quit--someday.

The third stage is one that is often left out and is the first important stage of my Quit Smoking Forever Program. This is the Preparation Stage. In my program, we spend 1-2 months of preparation to get you fully ready to lose what has essentially become your best friend in many sitations.

You may start this program without a strong desire to quit, because creating the desire to quit along with the knowledge and confidence that you are capable of quitting is part of the process. We'll use 9 processes of change, when you sign up for the full money-back guaranteed program, to help you make this move from smoker to non-smoker.

There is a lot more going on in this third phase, plus there are three more stages to the changing process that are necessary to ensure your success in quitting smoking once and for all. In the full Quit Smoking Forever Program, you will receive a variety of tools to help you get through life without cigarettes. You will be able to quit without nicotine replacement products that cost big bucks and keep you in the addicted-to-nicotine mode. You'll also find follow-up support with me, if you need it along with complete knowledge of how to never pick up a cigarette, ever again. You will enjoy all these benefits:

• No more smoking outside in the cold.

• No more out of breath at the top of the stairs.

• No more stopping at the gas station for smokes.

• No more waking up in the middle of the night for a cigarette.

• No more wasting your money.

• No more tense feelings that are only relieved by smoking.

• No more planning your life around the next cig.

• No more going back to cigarettes when you are under stress. . No more sabotaging your body's efforts to heal.

• No more addiction to nicotine ever again.

You will quit without patches or nicotine gum.

You will quit for the last time.

Program includes:

• Quit Smoking Success Kit

• Unique ‘Prepare to Quit’ Process

• Optional (but recommended) Follow-up Support to Ensure Success

Make becoming a non-smoker a permanent state for you.

Enjoy Cutting Edge Techniques to finally quit for good.

Do it for you and do it for your loved ones. This course can be part of your coaching program when you invest in hiring me as your Health Coach. Sign up for Coaching to Quit Smoking on this page.