Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

What Can You Do?

Your first step for fibromyalgia pain relief should be the Symptoms tab and the Nutrition tab at the left-hand column of this website.

These pages will explain why you have so many fibromyalgia symptoms and document how nutrition will allow your muscles to heal, giving you fibromyalgia pain relief. My goal is to get rid of your pain so that you won't need medications and you can get back to a better quality of life.

Please see a doctor and get a second opinion to make sure that your pain is truly associated with fibromyalgia or myofascial pain. This is important. You do not want to miss something life threatening.

When you start a nutrition program, you need to add exercise so that your muscles will demand the nutrition that you are giving your body. If you lie in bed all day, your muscles will not demand nutrients and will not heal.

You may want to begin practicing yoga. You will find the kinds of postures that I started with in the Standing Yoga Postures link off my Introduction to Yoga .

Yoga did not get rid of your chronic pain, but it does allow you to move and walk better, do more in life, plus relax easier without medications. I really believe it is the best form of exercise for fibromyalgia because it is as gentle as you need it to be.

As your physical wellness improves, you can then start adding aerobic and weightbearing exercises to give you all the types of exercise needed to remain healthy.

Another action that can help for fibromyalgia pain relief is a good chiropractor. My criteria for a good chiropractor comes from my experience with at least 8 different chiropractors who had varying degrees of effectiveness.

A self-help activity you can do for fibromyalgia pain relief is acupressure. I have designed a teleclass to help you administer acupressure on yourself, to stop the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Contact me for more information.

For comfort, I recommend Earth Shoe brand shoes. They are sold exclusively at Walmart (they're in green boxes) and are not sold online. I realize not everyone approves of shopping at Walmart but they are just the most comfortable, affordable shoes that I've found. Some years their styles are better than other years, but the ability to wear them all day is always there.

You may purchase similar shoes online at Planet Shoes . I think their shoes and boots are a lot cuter than they were in the 70's when I had my first pair of Earth shoes, where the heel is lower than the toes. And they can also help align your body correctly. You may find an energy increase when your body is able to relax with proper posture.

Remember, there is hope. You do not have to live in pain. But, it takes a complete look at everything you do that affects your health, in order to beat fibromyalgia.

Join my Free Teleclass to uncover your personal keys to recovery.

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nutrition is important for fibromyalgia pain relief.

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