Fibromyalgia Testimonials

Below are fibromyalgia testimonials that show how a comprehensive, individualized Health Coaching and Nutritional Program can help you to reduce your pain, get more deep sleep, improve your mood, and have more energy.

This client was coached by phone:

After 6 months of Health Coaching with Anita, I am more focused on my own health and taking care of myself, instead of taking care of everyone else first. After struggling with pain for more than 5 years, with no help from conventional medicine, I am now pain-free. I have incorporated quality supplements into my routine and I can tell the difference in how I feel if I miss taking them for a day. I also have more energy, exercise regularly, have changed my diet, and lost 14 pounds. Instead of dragging through the day, I’m excited about life!

Rachel L.

This client was coached by phone:

Anita’s coaching has helped me to know what to do, to improve my health. I am taking more action, because each week we decide what I will work on. I’ve been trying to eat healthier—getting more fruits and carrots than I used to. I’ve quit smoking for 6 weeks now. My breathing is easier when I go for a walk. I’m also getting more done around the house.

I’m sleeping really well, where before I did not feel rested. The vitamins I’m taking have helped me here and I think I can tell a difference in other ways, too.

My joint pain in my elbows and knees is a lot better. My fatigue and weak spells seem to be happening less often. Some days are still challenging, but I’m working on not letting my thoughts make these days worse.

I’ve also been focusing on getting what I need in life a little more, instead of only doing what everyone else needs.

Tracy B.

This client was coached by email:

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I admit I had lost hope of recovering from Fibromyalgia. The doctors here just want to prescribe painkillers, but they don't want to look into the problem itself.

I'm a very negative person and this made me much worse and so much more stressed out. Stress made the pain worse, too. I used to feel helpless everyday--always feeling tired and my legs were both heavy, apart from the pain. At work I couldn't concentrate at all due to a brain fog problem and bad headaches. I used to feel as if I was on another planet.

Since I came in contact with Anita my life changed because I knew that somebody (although very far away) could understand me and what I am passing through. This helped me a lot. When I asked her questions she always answered me and we kept in contact nearly on a daily basis. I wished and still do that she lived here in Malta so that we could meet face to face and discuss.

The multi-vitamins, lecithin and calcium are helping me a lot, which I take on a daily basis. Before I go to bed I used to take 5-HTP to sleep and now no longer need it as now I'm pain free. Since I've been keeping away from wheat, sugar and caffeine the pain has diminished abruptly. Even the fact that I lost a little weight helps me a lot. Apart from diet, I go for short walks every day after work to keep the muscles from getting tight.

Benardette S.

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