Mind Body Spirit Assessment

Take this breakthrough Mind Body Spirit Assessment. Evaluate where you are at now and enjoy complete recommendations for you to take charge of your own health through a comprehensive recovery plan, personalized just for you.

Learn what you can do in the areas of diet, exercise, supplements, attitude, self-care, bodywork, and spirituality to improve your health and support your body's ability to heal.

Your body is always trying to get back in balance and rebuild healthy cells--you just need to give it all the tools it needs. I can help you decide where to put your energies (and how to increase your energy, too).

Simply order the Assessment. You can buy it alone, or jump-start your Private Health Coaching by using this as an initial consultation.

You'll be sent to the download page immediately after purchase. Fill out the complete Assessment--12 pages in all. Fax or mail it back to me with your waiver form, history, etc. From there, I will go over your history and develop a plan, prioritizing your steps for taking the actions that will reduce your pain, promote deeper sleep, and allow your body to repair.

Purchase the complete Mind Body Spirit Assessment, which includes a full Nutritional Assessment at the 'Buy Now' below.

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Uncover your keys to better health. Implement the steps at your own pace, working them into your lifestyle. It is these permanent changes that will give you lasting health.

If you find you cannot stick to the positive lifestyle changes that you choose, hire me as your Health Coach to further your progress. I will motivate you, inspire you, provide focus for your goals and hold you accountable to the actions that will move you toward your wish of putting fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue behind you.

The Mind Body Spirit Assessment is more complete than 99% of doctor's visits in learning about you and your history. Then, without the side effects of drugs, you'll discover what you can do every day to support your health. You'll also learn if there are things you have been doing that may be sabotaging your body's efforts to recover.

This comprehensive assessment allows me to generate a Personalized Recovery Plan for you. I will work to decipher your unique health puzzle. An 80 minute consultation by phone with me is included with your full Mind Body Spirit Assessment. You will shorten your learning curve as you benefit from my 20+ years of knowledge in natural health.

Simply choose and purchase your Assessment below, fill it out, and return the Assessment to me, along with a Physician's Consent Form or Waiver, your history, etc. If you live outside of the U.S., you will be responsible for calling me for the session.

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Learn more about the Nutrition portion of the Mind Body Spirit Assessment here

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